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Zong Bong, You Have Never Seen One Like This Before, Designed For A Different Diffusion Experience!


The Zong Bong This One Is A New Design Concept Not Seen By Many Yet! Don’t Stress You Haven’t Been In A Cave, This Little Design Has Snuck On The Seen Like A Silent Assassin! For A Type Of Sesh!


As The Name Suggests The Zong Bong Got Its Unique Zig Zag Design Usual Representing The Shape Of The Latter Z. Some Might Look At The Zong Bong Design & Simply Fall In Love With The Cool & Aesthetic Feel The Designs Naturally Portrays. But Believe It Or Not! The Design Actually Has Some Hidden Interesting Performance Benefits Behind The Madness Of The Design.




One Of The Main Design Features Is The Zig Zag Necks Convenient Design Benefits Whether It Was A Deliberate Design Concept But The Skinny Tube Neck In The Z Section Of The Neck Plays As A Very Cool Ice Catcher. Further Benefit Of The Neck Design Is That It Provides A Place To Grip The Bong While Using Or Cleaning Which Is Always Nice With Big Bong. So Back To The Ice Catcher Quickly The Point Of It Is To Cool The Smoke Before Reaching Your Mouth Allowing The Smoke To Cool Down Therefore Giving You A Smoother Tasting Hit.


This Design Has To Get 10/10 For Its Futuristic Look! But The Design Does Have A Couple Of flaws Regarding The Width Of The Base We Found Them To Be A Little Not Very Supportive Due To the Bit Top-Heavy Design Which Makes The Zong Bong A Bong For Occasions As A Every Day Maybe Not As The Bong Can Easily be Knocked Over If You're Not Carefully And You Will Generally End Up With A Damaged Glass Bong.


Overall We Have To Say Because Of The Price The Zong Bong Design Is One Of Those Bongs You Can Afford To Give A Crack As They Fall In The Same Price Range As You Everyday Glass Bong, But Offering A Cool Unique That You Will Enjoy Till It’s Time For A New Piece!


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