The Round Based Bong Your Old School Bong Design, With A Modern Stylish, Look You Will Love This Always Reliable Sesh Piece.


Compare We Have! This Design Has Been Strategically Placed Under The Beaker Design Description As They Are Quite Similar In The Concept Of Design Benefits Having The Obvious Difference Of The Ever So Reliable Round Base.


Confident We Are As We Believe The Beaker Bong  & The Round Base Bong Design Offers A Strong Wide Base That Can Support The Tall Neck Design That Allows For The Desired Enhancements Available On The Market Today.




Absolutely Excellent All Round Universal Round Base Bong Design Has To Be One Of The Most Well Recognized Designs Out Their!


Defying! We No We Said This Previously In Relation To The Beaker Bong, And Then Why Are We Repeating This You Ask?


Admit this We Will!


Well, Due To The Similarities Being So Alike With The Minor Difference Of The Base Design We Had To Give The Round Base Bong Design The Mention And Credit It Deserved As It’s a Very Amazing Bong To Use As A Everyday Seshing Bong.


Convenient This Design Is!


With The Benefits Of The Range Of Awesome Add On Options That Are Available For This Design.


This Bong Design Rated Par For Us With The Beaker Bong Design And We Found It Really Up To Your Personal Preference On Which Path You Go Down Either Was We Are Very Sure You Will Be Enjoying Your  Sesh For Sure! Offering A Wide Range Of Styles To Choose From This Is Another One Of The Cool Designed Bongs That Has So Much To Offer.


So When Considering Making Your Next Bong Purchase We Suggested You Have A Look At What This Design Has To Offer, Pretty Sure You Won't Be Disappointed.


ROUND BASE BONG - Check Out Range!

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  • Round Base Double 4 Arms Tree Perc Diffuser Down Stem
    Round Base Double 4 Arms Tree Perc Diffuser Down Stem
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