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If You Are Interested In The Future Of Bong Designs, This Rig Design Is The Future And The Next Evolution For Our Beloved Bong!


The Dab Rig Is The New Boy On The Seen & Making A Massive Impact On The 420 World In A Major Way As You Intake The CDB In Another Form New To The Seen Well Have Grown To Know & Love. Recently Making Its Step Onto The Seen The Concept Of The Dab Rig Is To Use It To Enjoy Wax Concentrates That Offer The Ultimate High!


The Way You Have To Heat The Wax To Consume It The Design Has Had To Evolve To Ensure It Could Handle The Heat, As An Intense Heat Is Required Like Never Before. That's Why We Really Want To Point Out The Importance Of Using The Proper Required Glass Quality To Ensure Injury Does Not Occur Which Is Totally Not The Point Of Having A Sesh!




We Mention Injury Because If You Attempt To Heat Up A Weaker Glass You Run The Chance Of The Glass Exploding Or Shattering Into Sharp Fragments Causing Injury To All Those Involved!


The Dab Rig Really Realise On The Back-Up Of A Nice Recycler Or Percolator Bong Which Interacts Really Effectively As It Improves The Airflow & The Cooling Of The Smoke.


Generally, The DAB Rig Does Not Require A Very Big Bong As The Smoke Produced Isn’t Really As Harsh A Smoking The Actual Herb. The Dab Rig Really Is One Of Those Attachments That Can Be Used On Any Bong You Wish This Is One Of Those Designs That Is Really Up To The Preference Of The Person Purchasing It & That’s You!


The Dabbing Sesh Experience Is Something New & We Highly Advice If You Have The Opportunity To Give The Dab Experience Ago, You Jump Right On It As It is An Experience Like No Other!


DAB RIG BONG - Check Out Range!

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